Thursday, November 13, 2014

Five Step Treadmill Workout + Lately List.

I was smacked with a blast of freezing air yesterday morning on my way to work. What a reminder that I need to get back to creative treadmill ideas with unseasonably chilly temperatures in the area this week! Let's look on the bright side though - my brother lives in Minneapolis, and the city received several inches of snow a few days ago. At least all I see this morning is a dusting in the yard.

Regardless, I will not be running outside today. My winter running wardrobe is sorely lacking at the moment. Until I get that back on track, here is a quick treadmill workout that I ran the other night after work. I wanted to get in a short run so I did two cycles through this list, ending up with 35 minutes and 3.3 miles. I might try for three cycles on this evening's run.

I also have a fun "Lately" list to share that I first I read a few weeks ago on A Foodie Stays Fit. Teri is one of my favorite fitness blogs to read, and I wanted to play along. If you copy/paste this list on your own blog, leave a comment with your link! I would love to read what's going on in your world.

Making: A smoothie for breakfast this morning - with a banana, spinach, frozen peach slices, Greek yogurt, and lots of cinnamon.
Cooking: Purple Stokes Sweet Potatoes. I made them mashed and roasted this week, and I can't wait to try a vegetarian shepard's pie.
Drinking: La Croix Orange - daily. Sometimes twice.
Reading: Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, by Sheryl Sandberg and Nell Scovell- hanging on every word! {<-- not an affiliate link}
Wanting: A piano. I played from age 6 to 18 and we have a perfect spot in our dining room.
Looking: For home decor - curtains and rugs are at the top of my list.
Playing: Words with Friends. K are I are battling in a game or two most of the time. I usually lose. Boo!
Wasting: Time on Pinterest.
Sewing: Nothing. My sewing skills are sorely lacking! I got a B- in a button sewing exercise in middle school. I know.
Wishing: For a healthy and joyful holiday season.
Enjoying: All the squash - especially butternut. I have a few new recipe ideas in mind; coming soon if they turn out!
Waiting: For time to listen to tonight's episode of the Serial podcast. It's soo good! I wish episodes were longer than 30 minutes.
Liking: This pair of brown boots.
Wondering: When the first big snowfall will hit this season. I hope it waits for a day without work travel...
Loving: Everything from West Elm. All the things!
Hoping: For good weather to run outdoors this weekend {a high above 35 degrees, please}.
Marveling: That the holiday season is almost here. I refuse to join any Christmas-like activities until the day after Thanksgiving.
Needing: Nothing! Wanting, that's another story.
Smelling: An Apple Pie Filling candle, found at Home Goods. Can't get enough.
Wearing: Warm clothes - it's 24 degrees today. Yikes.
Following: Virtual running friends on Twitter. Who do I need to add next?
Noticing: The chill in the air.
Knowing: I need to run on the treadmill today.
Thinking: About my Christmas gift list for family. This season is sneaking up on me!
Feeling: Motivated to {finally} finish painting the trim in our upstairs hallway.
Bookmarking: Winter soup recipes. I'm still in denial, but I can't wait to try this recipe for Thai Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup!
Opening: My computer far too often. I need to figure out a day to unplug, stat.
Giggling: At photos of a newly rescued kitten on our family farm. So incredibly sweet.

Lastly, I'm happy it's almost the weekend! Have a wonderful Thursday.

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