Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ravenswood Run 5k Race + Cafe Selmarie Brunch

This is my race recap of the Ravenswood Run 5k race followed by brunch at one of my favorite Chicago restaurants - Cafe Selmarie in Lincoln Square.

I ran the Ravenswood Run 5k race on Sunday morning and then proceeded to walk... and walk with K and baby C. It was a beautiful sunny day and I ended up with 26,000+ steps.  My legs were crazy sore on Monday and I was still recovering yesterday. It had been a long time since I crossed the 20,000 step threshold. I live within walking distance of the Ravenswood neighborhood so I started the morning with a long walk to the race. It was quiet and peaceful - walking alone at 7:00am on a sunny spring morning was the best form of meditation for the weekend.

The Ravenswood Run 5k race is in its 21st year. Around 2,500 runners finished the race this year - an impressive number for a racing route on neighborhood streets.

The race benefits the Ravenswood Community Services Food Pantry at All Saints Episcopal Church and the student health centers at Lakeview and Amundsen High Schools.

The best part? Getting passed by a T-Rex and Godzilla. My friend S and I ran the race together and took it at a leisurely pace. I'm working on running more than once per week since transitioning back to working out again after baby C joined our family. Getting passed by a T-Rex was worth the laugh!

The race had a few great handouts at the finish line, including Nut Butter Filled Clif Bars.

Another T-Rex shot at the finish line, for obvious reasons.

After the race we made our way to Lincoln Square to meet K and baby C for breakfast at Cafe Selmarie. Everyone else running the race had the same idea but I can't complain about waiting outdoors in the sunshine with coffee in hand.

Cafe Selmarie is my favorite breakfast/brunch stop after a run on the north side of the city. The restaurant has been in the Lincoln Square neighborhood for 30 years. We tried corned beef hash, a breakfast burrito, and their heirloom tomato egg sandwich on a toasted bagel. No leftovers remained at the end of this meal!

My little blonde breakfast date enjoyed playing at the table too :) I plan to be back for the Ravenswood Run 5k next year with the jogging stroller ready to go.


  1. Looks like such a fun race! I'd love to do this one--I always forget about.

    1. You should it's really fun! I ran it once a long time ago (8 years I think). Good to be back. I appreciate not traveling downtown for a race.