Friday, December 4, 2015

45 Minute Treadmill Run + New Fitbit

Chicago has been spoiled with fairly decent weather so far this season, except for one snowy day. For me, "decent" weather for running is above 35 degrees with no icy sidewalks {find 3 Tips for Winter Running here}. Once it gets icy, you won't find me in crampons later this winter... instead, I'll be indoors on the treadmill. Here is a new 45 Minute Treadmill Run that I finished earlier this week:

Plus the text version:

Warm-up: Walk 1 minute

Run (repeat cycle twice):
  • 6 minutes at 5.4 mpr
  • 5 minutes at 5.5 mpr
  • 4 minutes at 5.6 mpr
  • 3 minutes at 5.7 mpr
  • 2 minutes at 5.8 mpr
  • 1 minute at 5.9 mile
Cool-down: Walk 2 minutes

I find running on the treadmill much more difficult than outdoors, so I started this workout at a slower pace to ease my way into treadmill running again. Start at a faster pace if that's your preference, and take a walking break in-between cycles if needed. I finished just over 4 miles with this treadmill run at my office gym. I started adding one weekly workout to my routine during my lunch break at the office gym - it's very relaxing to workout in the middle of the day. I'm lucky that my office gym has a nice shower + locker room to use.

Another way I'm planning to motivate myself this December is tracking my activity. I finally joined the {millions?} of people using a fitness tracker! Amazon had a big sale on the Fitbit Charge HR on Cyber Monday and I couldn't pass up the chance to try it.

I'll post an update later this month on how my first attempt at step tracking is going. I feel like I'm way behind on this trend, but I'm excited to catch up!

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