Friday, August 1, 2014

August Running Challenge + Storm the Stadium Discount.

I have at least one long race coming up later this fall {more on that soon!} but right now I'm still in summer mode to get every bit of light and warmth possible. Since today starts the last full summer month {I can't believe it's August already} I have a running challenge that I'm planning to start today, with three miles on my lunch break.

In February, I posted a 6 Week Endurance Running Challenge, intended to increase speed through a combination of a long run, maintenance run, and interval training each week. This is a similar challenge, with one long run each week. I'm planning to sprinkle in a few intervals runs this month as well. There are four full weeks in August, plus a few extra days on either side. Finishing this challenge will result in 51 miles - who's with me?

If you need another reason for training motivation this month in a different capacity, I have a discount code to share today for the only open-air stair climb and one of the longest consecutive stair challenges in the U.S. - Storm the Stadium. The event takes place at U.S. Cellular Field {home of the White Sox!} on Saturday, September 6th.

The challenge includes 6,000 steps. The Elite Climb will begin first on the event day. An Elite Group is considered proficient and has competitive climbing experience. "Survivor Teams" will consist of Survivor Team Captains from the CBS show "Survivor." Participant climbers are divided into three groups. All Survivor Team participant times will be averaged. If you fail to complete the full climb you will receive a penalty score. The team with the lowest average climb time will be declared the winner.

There is also a half climb event, starting later the morning of the event, totaling 3,000 stairs. To get $10 off your registration, enter the code RB10 {the discount code is available for those who register online by August 9th}.

{I was not compensated for this post and I am not affiliated with the Storm the Stadium. All opinions are my own. I just want to pass on a deal for an event that looks like a great time!}

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