Thursday, May 15, 2014

6 New Chickpea Recipes.

A question for runners - are you extremely hungry the day after a long run? I ran longer last night than I have in quite a few months - 8 miles. Today? Give me all your snacks! I started dreaming about lunch {even earlier} than usual, and I just downed half a package of Trader Joe's water crackers with edamame hummus in preparation for dinner. Worth it.

Tonight, I am roasting chickpeas for another warm salad recipe that I'll share soon if it turns out. Chickpeas are incredibly healthy legumes, as they are high in dietary fiber. I enjoy cooking vegetarian meals most nights, and chickpeas are the perfect thing to make dinner a bit heartier. For that reason, I have been pinning chickpea recipes like crazy for months, but usually end up making a similar salad recipe.

For motivation, I'm sharing 6 new chickpea recipes from a few favorite food blogs that are next on my list to try. Click on the link above each photo for the recipe source.

As a sweet, crunchy snack ~ Cinnamon-Sugar Roasted Chickpeas from sally's baking addiction.

20 Minute Chickpea Curry from creme de la crumb.

Falafel with roasted vegetables and yoghurt tahini dressing from supergolden bakes.

On a salad with spicy buffalo sauce ~ Buffalo Chickpea Salad from betsylife.

As a side dish ~ Spiced Chickpeas with Spinach from Scandi Home.


  1. I discovered roasted chick peas on Pinterest last year...tried them...LOVED THEM! And so did my 8 year old daughter :) who knew they were so healthy??!

  2. I discovered them on Pinterest too! Genius idea.