Monday, January 13, 2014

Antique Taco + 6-5-4-3 Treadmill Workout.

I received a weekly email last night from Apartment Therapy with a link to an article on 5 Proven Strategies for a Happy Monday. Simple things, but I completely agree - especially the tips on mindfulness and positive thinking. Both very good things to remember on a chilly Monday!

Last weekend K and I checked out a new {to us} restaurant in the neighborhood Wicker Park, Antique Taco. I had their tacos last summer at a festival and have been wanting to go back to the source ever since.

I had shrimp tacos and K had sweet & spicy chicken. I visited their website to find a better description of the delicious shrimp taco ingredients to share and the menu had already changed! I'll have to go back for the next interpretation of the shrimp taco soon. The menu is small, with eclectic taco ingredients, and the interior is very charming - I loved the shared seating and quick service. 

I also want to share a new treadmill workout for this week. I have been working on longer treadmill intervals, and decreasing minute by minute works well to keep things interesting. The next step is to start adding incline...

Have a great Monday!

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