Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Running Challenge - Week 5.

Chicago had its first 'sticking' snow yesterday. It was really pretty and festive, but I forgot how unpleasant it is to walk on icy sidewalks and streets. It's time to invest in shoes with better tracking!

Anyways. We are now half-way done with the Winter Running Challenge! It's hard to believe Christmas is less than one month away.

I should be at 50 miles this week, but I'm missing about ~8 miles on my total. Hoping to make up for that over the next few weeks.

The weekly update:

Winter Running Challenge Log: Week 5
Tuesday: Sculpt class
Wednesday: Ran 4 miles {treadmill}
Thursday: Ran 3.2 miles {outside}
Friday: Ran 2 miles {outside}
Monday: Ran 4.8 miles {treadmill}
= 14 miles
Week 4 total = 0 miles
Week 3 total = 14 miles
Week 2 total = 11.35 miles
Week 1 total= 3.1 miles
42.45 miles ~ 42.45% to goal

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