Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Winter Running Challenge - Week 4.

It's the end of week four of the Winter Running Challenge, and I have a lot to make up for over the next seven days! I decided to post this challenge to keep me honest on a weekly basis. Today that means sharing that I ran zero miles during week four... oops.

I have an excuse though - my husband and I spent a long weekend in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC and attended a beautiful family wedding. I had all the best intentions of running while on vacation. I brought my favorite running clothes and shoved running shoes into my carry-on. Alas, it didn't happen and I wasted a lot of suitcase space. We were too busy eating all the southern things, including pecan pie and too many pralines. I came home with a Southern cookbook and two pounds of dry grits that I am SO excited to use. More on that later.

This week I will be eating all the vegetables and running to make up for those missing ten miles! Here goes the weekly update:

Winter Running Challenge Log: Week 4
Tuesday: Sculpt class
Thursday - Monday: Vacation...
= 0 miles
Week 3 total = 14 miles
Week 2 total = 11.35 miles
Week 1 total= 3.1 miles
28.45 miles ~ 28.45% to goal

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