Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Winter Running Challenge.

I have been thinking about how to find motivation to run and workout in the winter. I realize it won't technically be winter for quite awhile, but it is 31 degrees this morning in Chicago - that counts for me! It's so easy to stay home and cozy when it's dark outside when you get up, and dark soon after you get home.

The goal is to run 100 miles between today and New Years Eve - it's hard to believe that's only ten weeks away. This is a very manageable 10 miles per week, and I hope will work off at least a handful of the holiday cookies I'll be eating. Once we get any type of snow on the ground {shudder}, I have a feeling these miles will be logged on the treadmill.

Comment if you would like to join me here, or track this yourself! I'll be posting progress every Tuesday and using the app Map My Run.

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