Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall challenge update.

I took my new running shoes out for a spin after work yesterday. I love how wearing new running shoes feels like running on clouds - I waited far too long to get a new pair this time!

Fall is my absolute favorite season, in particular due to the excellent running weather {well, and the excuse to obsessively bake and eat all things pumpkin}. My favorite type of weather for running is when you can wear short running pants with a long sleeved shirt and be comfortable, with zero humidity. Aka 60 degrees or so. I can breathe better, and run faster, which clearly means a more pleasant experience.

Every year in mid-September I tend to get into a wonderful groove with running, which promptly ends with the first snow. One of my goals this winter is to make peace with the treadmill. Until then, I'm still making an effort to meet the Merrell Feel Your Run Challenge from Map My Run.

I am currently at 17 workouts, with 22 days left in the challenge - which is to workout {run or hike} 30 times in 45 days, for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. I also realized that since I downloaded the Map My Run app last year, I have used it to track 199 miles. Now I have motivation to break 200 today!

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